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Screen Cleaner 5in1

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Q6 electric products Multifunctional jewelry camera phone earbuds cleaning swipe brush pen tool kit set
Dimension 7.5CM*3.8CM*1.8CM
Multi function five in one Deep cleaning /Multiple functions /Integrated design/ Material safety /Be easy to carry about /Simple operation
Can clean a variety of equipment Suitable for earphone, earbuds,headphones, mobile phones screen, tablets, laptops, televisions, camera screen, jewelry, promotion give away gift, etc Various digital devices
Flocking sponge  Clean the headphone charging compartment  
Metal NIB  Clean stubborn stains Do not use a metal pon tlp to clean the charging port of the mobile phone/headset
High density brush head  Clean the headphone sound outlet
Screen cleaner nozzle Deep cleaning 
Washable fiber flannelette Quick wipe
Push and pull button push,pull tool
Flocking sponge stick  Delicate and soft the flocking sponge cleans the charging chamber of the earphone box,and there is no residue
Soft flocking cotton stick Easy cleaning of headphone charging chamber
High density hair planting brush head Storconcople hair planting Easily clean the earphone / mobile phone sound outlet and other parts
Screen cleaner spray Just press down Spray detergent Deep cleaning of stains, with screen cleaner spray
Portable and practical Integrated spray and wipe,He is a bottle of spray and a cleaning clot
Light up immediately after wiping Bright and clean as new,It contains special antibacterial factors, no alcohol, no stimulation,and eliminates bacterial hazards Grease and fingerprints are gone
Sliding design Push-pull button design Save space Retracted when not in use,easy to carry
Mini Compact Ingenious design, compatible with a variety of devices,Take it and go

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Screen Cleaner 5in1
Screen Cleaner 5in1

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