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Garlic Twister

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  • [ MULTIFUNCTIONAL ] Handheld Kitchen Tool that can mince all kinds of ingredients, from garlic, to ginger, herbs, nuts and more! [ INSTRUCTIONS ] Use the Garlic Twister to "Smash" the garlic clove and loosen the skin for peeling (see video) this also softens the garlic. Place 2-3 cloves in the unit, and progressively twist while working your way down. Expect minced bits mixed with juices to come out!
  • [ REMOVING INGREDIENTS ] Pack into triangles by lightly twisting side to side for easy removal of garlic. Should you find it difficult to twist, "pre-smash" the garlic as above. This weakens the clove making it easier to twist.
  • [ GINGER & MORE ] First slice the ginger into narrow discs before placing into the Garlic Twister. See "Stir Fry" video above for demo. Try it for nuts to top your ice cream! NO MORE messy garlic presses, squashing garlic with rockers, grating, pressing or rolling garlic to peel the skin!
  • [ IT GETS BETTER ] As you continue to use the Twister, you'll discover more ways to use it. We are available to assist with any issues.

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Garlic Twister
Garlic Twister

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